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09/20, 1 year ago

It had to be done :)

07/10, 1 year ago
lbd-anewmusical: My sister and I just got into the who mash-up blog business with LBD and musicals. This is absolutely self-promotion in the sense that we WANT YOUR IDEAS. Your readership is incredibly creative and if you think they'd be up to throwing some of that creative juice to musicals and LBD, we'd love to see them. (P.S. Your mash-up blog is the reason I got into the mash-up culture, so I think you're fantastic, because you opened such a wonderful world to me! Thanks for that. :D)

You guys, not only should you check out this blog, if you love musicals/have ideas you should submit! :’) I love getting submissions here from your ridiculously creative minds, so I’m sure they could use ‘em over there too :D

07/03, 1 year ago
Anonymous: I love you, you're hilarious <3

the submissions are the really hilarious ones! thank you! <3

06/29, 1 year ago
flapperwitch: I started watching Parks and Rec. so now this blog is twice as awesome :D

06/22, 1 year ago

06/21, 1 year ago
Anonymous: i miss you :(

I’m sorry anon! I got busy with moving irl and with the show’s conclusion it just got a little tougher to come up with new mashups. I’ll try harder!! but I still LOVE getting submissions, so those of you who want to, please do <333

06/19, 1 year ago
06/18, 1 year ago
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